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Fulfilling people’s dreams in owning their first home is the main priority at Prelaunch.SG. Getting your first home is not always not an easy task. There are many factors to consider: namely location, amenities around, vicinity as well as facilities. Besides that, financial calculations such as your CPF deductions and cash downpayment (with all 9 rounds of cooling measures in place like the main TDSR) matters as well. Thirdly, you need to consider the property type – whether to own a HDB, Resale or a New condo launch. All these wouldn’t be easy without engaging a professional real estate agent if you are doing it all on your own.

The Team at Prelaunch.SG did it again.

New Condo Launch

We have assisted the newly wed couple choosing their first home – a unit at LakeVille new condo launch in Jurong Singapore.

Real Estate Searches

The couple took a long while to search for their first property in Singapore. They had little idea of choosing their property type and understanding the buying procedure of real estate in Singapore. When they approached our Team at Prelaunch.SG, it is where they had their doubts cleared and the choice of their first home became apparent.

This lovely couple had seen quite a few of the developments around of the western part of Singapore like The Skywoods and Hills TwoOne as the both are near to nature parks and a sense of serenity. They had also short-listed in the Northeast part like the popular selling Freehold Trilive Condo and The Bently Residences. Finally, they took developments in the Central region in Singapore as well- Highline ResidencesAlex ResidencesForte Suites and The Citron (which has met with high demand leaving only one unit available).

They were at a loss in deciding whether to wait for the upcoming new launches like Sims Urban Oasis and North Park Residences. However, upon meeting up with Prelaunch.SG team, we went through a thorough discussion with step by step explanations of choosing the perfect home for their first property and guided them along.

After going around in circles, the couple was introduced to Prelaunch.SG.  We then met up at a cafe, sat down and discussed their property needs which allowed us to fully understand their requirements. After all of us have reached a level of mutual understanding, we proceeded straight to LakeVille’s showflat. Our team of professionals showed them the layout of the unit and ran through the Masterplan of the huge transformation that is going to take place in Jurong. Why did we chose LakeVille? It might not have been a development they had visited before, but as we have come to know that the couple are working in the western part of Singapore, this might just be the perfect home for them. Indeed, they fell in love with the development immediately after they were presented with this project.

Tears of joy flowed when we had successfully helped them to get their dream unit at the perfect price. Seeing that they looked around for a long time before investing in their first home, the vibe of happiness and excitement filled up the whole showflat upon deciding on Lakeville as their ultimate choice. And that’s what the team at Prelaunch.SG is glad to achieve.