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Why You Should Put Your Eggs in Jurong, Singapore

Every Singaporean has a dream. The dream to own their first property when they first get married; the dream to own another property as an asset for investment to secure your children’s future or if you yearn to retire early in Singapore. The dream will be realised somehow. When you are making your first upgrade/investment move,…

Freehold vs Leasehold

When looking for property investment, investors will always look into the plans of Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the opportunities it presents; especially if the upcoming new condo launch is near MRT. Let’s call these phenomena the Urban Planning and MRT rules for investing in Singapore property. Should you have used these rules to identify…

Cooling Measures in Singapore Property Market

Cooling Measures in Singapore Property Market Singapore Government came up with nine rounds of cooling measures of the property market from 2009. The cooling measures of the property market in Singapore were introduced to bring down the property rates in the market. With all the 9 rounds of cooling measures in effect, the resale property, new…

Buying Property in Singapore

Buying Properties In Singapore If you want to settle down in Singapore, you may want to buy a home of your own in the country. As a buyer of property you should know various things about purchase process, laws and taxes in Singapore. If you are not aware of the legal and financial aspects, it…

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