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From upcoming launches to star buy of the week, Prelaunch.SG offers details, such as the development’s district and location guide, amenities on and near the development and even a glimpse into the lifestyle one can expect at each of the development. Besides the clear and concise description of the properties featured.

There is no doubt that chasing new and latest properties is an exciting job. But, with the amount of successive property launches that are happening so fast, it becomes a tad difficult to keep track and to reach all places on time. We at Prelaunch.SG will do all the running for you and bring before you each and every New Condo Launch happening in the nook and corner of Singapore. Our portal will help you check out all the latest condominium for sale with just the click of your mouse button.

Prelaunch.SG also provides artists’ impressions and architectural visualisations, photographs, floor plans, layouts and maps whenever possible, geared to help prospective buyers make better real estate investment decisions.

Upcoming New Launches – this section includes all soon-to-be released property launches such as new launch condo across different suburbs and precincts.

Freehold – this section reveals the freehold properties, otherwise properties that may be held in perpetuity. Such properties are often popular with investors and savvy buyers as recent financial reports have shown how resale prices of freehold condominiums in suburban areas and prime districts can rise between 1.0 and 2.5 per cent.

New Launches – this section showcases all New Condo Launch including those that are near MRT Stations. Investing in such developments could often result in high rental yield and show potential for capital appreciation.

Commercial, Industrial and Retail – this section features real estate launches, which have a variety of leases, approved for various purposes ranging from shop space to office space, factory space and warehouse space.

International – this section features foreign properties that are attractive to local investors and/or buyers. This effectively levels up the playing field and enables keen individuals to tap into overseas markets.

Last bu not least, do look out for the marketing agent who is marketing the project at the bottom of the project page. So you can contact him/her directly to arrange for viewing and get more information regarding new launch condos and other projects.

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100% Fully Sold, 99 yrs, T.O.P
$828,000 - Executive Condo

Bellewoods – Executive Condo at Woodlands As the name advocates, this executive…

More Details
1227 sqft 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms


100% Fully Sold, 99 yrs, T.O.P
$722,000 - Executive Condo

Bellewaters – Executive Condo New Launch —–> 100 Fully Sold! Bellewaters is designed…

More Details
926 sqft 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms


100% Fully Sold, 99 yrs, T.O.P
$700,000 onwards - Executive Condo

Sol Acres – Executive Condo New Launch Sol Acres offers the best…

More Details
926 sqft 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Trio @ Sam Leong

For Sale, Freehold, T.O.P
$1,142,630 - Commercial (Retail), Mixed Development

Trio @ Sam Leong -an ideal place to enhance your business Singapore…

More Details
334 sqft

Crown @ Robinson

For Sale, Freehold, Under Construction
$3,500 Psf - Commercial (Office)

Crown At Robinson Singapore is converted into a commercial hub with the…

More Details
592 Sqft

Hilbre 28 @ Hillside Drive

100% Fully Sold, 999 yrs, T.O.P
$1,089 Psf - Condo / Apartment

Hilbre 28 @ Hillside Drive —–> 100 Fully Sold! New Launch Condo Hilbre 28…

More Details
2153 sqft 5 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms

Adana @ Thomson

100% Fully Sold, Freehold, Under Construction
$920,000 Onwards - Condo / Apartment

Adana @ Thomson —–> 100{f0b75ed1e328315e2db5b1e6368b41df15eae04e673435cc25ba2021b46ef27c} Fully Sold! New Launch Condo Adana @ Thomson…

More Details
560-1152 sqft 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

Botanique at Bartley

100% Fully Sold, 99 yrs, Under Construction
$598,000 - Condominium, Dual Key

Botanique at Bartley —–> 100{f0b75ed1e328315e2db5b1e6368b41df15eae04e673435cc25ba2021b46ef27c} Fully Sold! Botanique @ Bartley is the up…

More Details
495 sqft 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

Three Balmoral

For Sale, Freehold, T.O.P
$1,486,000 - Condo / Apartment, Penthouse

Three Balmoral District 10 has always been admired for its greener look and…

More Details
614 sqft 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

The Flow

100% Fully Sold, Freehold, T.O.P
$3,564 PSF - Commercial (Retail), Medical Suites, Mixed Development

The Flow The Flow is a new property launch that is located at…

More Details
775 sqft

Spottiswoode Suites

100% Fully Sold, Freehold, T.O.P
$1,131,000 - Condo / Apartment, Penthouse

Spottiswoode Suites Spottiswoode Suites is a prominent new condo launch located in prime District…

More Details
441 sqft 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

Royal Square @ Novena

For Sale, Freehold, T.O.P
$2,041,000 - Commercial (Retail), Medical Suites, Mixed Development

Royal Square @ Novena New Property Launch | Royal Square Over the years,…

More Details
420 sqft

Eco-Tech @ Sunview

100% Fully Sold, T.O.P
$542,600 - Industrial (B1)

Eco-Tech @ Sunview —–> 100{f0b75ed1e328315e2db5b1e6368b41df15eae04e673435cc25ba2021b46ef27c} Fully Sold! Another super industrial development Eco-Tech @…

More Details
2605 sqft

City Gate @ Beach Road

99 yrs, For Sale, T.O.P
$1,283,000 - Commercial (Retail), Condo / Apartment, Dual Key, Mixed Development, Penthouse

City Gate Condo City Gate is a new launch condo is situated along…

More Details
700 sqft 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Palms @ Sixth Avenue

100% Fully Sold, Freehold, T.O.P
$5,400,000 - Cluster House (Strata Landed), Landed

Palms @ Sixth Avenue Palms @ Sixth Avenue is a tremendous cluster…

More Details
4682 sqft 6 Bedrooms 8 Bathrooms 3 Garages

Jewel @ Buangkok

100% Fully Sold, 99 yrs, T.O.P
$921,750 - Condo / Apartment, Dual Key, Penthouse

Jewel @ Buangkok —–> 100{f0b75ed1e328315e2db5b1e6368b41df15eae04e673435cc25ba2021b46ef27c} Fully Sold! Located in an excellent area Jewel…

More Details
775 sqft 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Guillemard Suites

100% Fully Sold, Freehold, T.O.P
$760,900 - Condo / Apartment

Guillemard Suites —–> 100{f0b75ed1e328315e2db5b1e6368b41df15eae04e673435cc25ba2021b46ef27c} Fully Sold! Where is Guillemard Suites? Guillemard Suites is…

More Details
527 sqft 1 Bedroom 2 Bathrooms

Cambio Suites

100% Fully Sold, Freehold, T.O.P

Cambio Suites —–> 100{f0b75ed1e328315e2db5b1e6368b41df15eae04e673435cc25ba2021b46ef27c} Fully Sold! New Condo Launch Singapore | Cambio Suites…

More Details
592 sqft 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

Jade Residences

100% Fully Sold, Freehold, T.O.P
$1,080 PSF - Condo / Apartment, Dual Key, Penthouse

Jade Residences —–> 100{f0b75ed1e328315e2db5b1e6368b41df15eae04e673435cc25ba2021b46ef27c} Fully Sold! Jade Residences have uplifted the investment opportunity…

More Details
1927 sqft 4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms
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