North Park Residences
Yishun Central, Singapore
100% Fully Sold, 99 yrs, Under Construction $864,000 - Commercial (Retail), Condo / Apartment, Mixed Development
North Park Residences 624 sqft 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

North Park Residences – Yishun, Singapore

Yishun is an attractive location for many reasons

Singapore has truly managed to make the most of its available resources and infrastructure and its economy are one of the most prosperous on the planet. This makes the island a very popular place in which to reside and it also makes it very attractive for people who wish to immigrate. However due to a very large population and a growing lack of open space for effective development Singapore are increasingly making use of high-rise condominiums which makes more effective use of the available land. Another new launch property which is encountered more and more is the practice of mixing industrial areas with residential areas and therefore you will often find residential buildings which are located very close to areas where industries are flourishing. One example of this is North Park Residences which are very closely integrated with the industries which surrounds it which effectively means that a person who is employed in that area of industry will always be close to their place of business.

What makes North Park residences so attractive?

They are located in a very picturesque environment and great attention to detail has been employed in the design of this new launch which has resulted in a very functional development which are able to meet most of the needs of the residents and tenants whom are residing there. Just looking at the pictures which are available about this development on the Internet makes a person wish that they were able to stay in that location. This is probably one of the most exciting new condo launch which have been undertaken on the island recently apart from the hot selling Junction Nine Residences. From the businessman's point of view it makes sense to stay in this location because doing so will mean that you're always able to respond to any demands from your business and should any problems arise you are always available to take the proper action which are required. However, staying at North Park residences will also appeal to people who are not necessarily involved in the commercial which are surrounding North Park Residences.


North Park residences has a lot to offer

A lot of detail has been given to the entertainment value which is being offered to residents. Therefore there are more than ample facilities which has been made available in the form of swimming pools, barbecue areas and other entertainment attractions. Therefore you will never lack a suitable venue wherein to entertain your family, friends and colleagues whenever the need may arise. North Park Residences is not merely a place where an individual or family will stay but in reality it is also an exceptional investment which will remain extremely valuable and even more so as the need for residential properties within Singapore continue to increase. There are more than enough playing areas should you have small children which are in need of outdoor stimulation and more than enough allowances has been made to accommodate such children within this facility.




Everything of importance is relatively close

This includes shopping areas, institutions which offer education both for children and higher education students and for all of these needs ample provision has been made. North Park Residences has been very well planned and a lot of attention has been given to the optimal design of this development and that is why the result is one which are attractive to both business people and families. North Park Residences is truly a place which are called home by many families and those who are residing here have most of the things which are offered by other developments and they even have tings which are quite unique to North Park Residences. Therefore whether you are a citizen of Singapore or an immigrant who are planning to relocate there can be no doubt that North Park Residences have a lot to offer to prospective investors in this development.

Property Category:CondoProperty Name:North Park Residences
Developer:Frasers Centrepoint HomesAddress:Yishun Central
Tenure/Status:99 years leaseholdDistrict No.:27


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