You might have various needs when it comes to deciding which property you need to buy in Singapore. There are many properties for sale in Singapore. New condominiums are mushrooming in all districts of Singapore. With the amount of new launches that is happening so quickly, it is no doubt a tedious task. As such, we at Prelaunch.SG will do the running for you. We are dedicated to bring you each and every property launch happening in every corner of Singapore. Let us assist you in checking out all the latest condominiums for sale, with a simple click of your mouse button.

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Prelaunch.SG is your one stop solution for all your property needs in Singapore. We feature all the latest new launches of Residential Condominiums, Commercial and Industrial property, and also a few International projects.

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Our team will consolidate the latest news relating to property market trends and overall market sentiments. Besides this, we are updated with new governmental rulings and policies related to property in Singapore. Therefore, you can make better-informed decisions in purchasing property, be it for home-stay or investment purposes.

Reviewing of New Properties 

You can get the general details of the New Condo Launch taking place in Singapore, as well as extensive reviews of the property. Thereafter, you will be able to decide on whether it is suitable for your family needs or investment. Details such as the property’s proximity to various shopping, dining and entertainment centres, roads and MRT connections as well as amenities offered in the residential or commercial buildings will be covered in each of our reviews.

Honest Reviews 

We take pride in providing the most updated and accurate information available to our visitors. Let us walk you through your purchasing process at Prelaunch.SG as seamless as possible. At Prelaunch.SG, we have an experienced team of professionals who do thorough research on every new property launch and  what the buyers will be getting when going for a certain property. All of our information on the new launches are guaranteed to be factual and accurate. We like our visitors to be well informed before they go into their property purchase.

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